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Microprocessor Lab

Microprocessor Laboratory supports Microprocessor Principles courses. Students learn about microprocessors and their use, internal working of microprocessors, and interfacing microprocessor to various devices. Students design and assemble their own hardware.

PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) Lab

PLC's are intelligent control systems designed to perform repetitive and/or sequential tasks, and replace the relay logic used earlier in industrial control.

The new industries being set up in the country are making extensive use of PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) and DCS (Distributed Control Systems) systems. At IIEE, we have a state of the art Programmable Logic Controller Lab, with the Siemens SU5 trainers, which are the only trainers certified by ISO 9000. The lab is being renovated with SU7 systems. IIEE is the only institute of the country to have this facility.

Industrial Control & Instrumentation (ICI) Lab

The lab provides facilities for Control System Practicals. This lab is mostly exploited by the students of the Third year. We have here analogue computing modules, trainers for DC servo motors and modules for different control practicals.

Personal Computer Lab

The Computer Lab consists of about 22 fully functional workstations, which are fulfilling the computing needs of the students. A local area network based on Microsoft NT Server gives a networked environment to the students. The computing facilities are interconnected to provide remote login facilities. A number of Pentium-based machines provide personal computing environment. The computing facilities are upgraded continuously. Efforts are underway to meet the challenging demands of the advanced industrial computer world of today's age by inducting some latest systems.

Printing Facilities:
We have Network Laser Printer directly attached to network in the Lab.

Analog and Digital Electronics Lab

The students of third year are introduced here to the exciting and ever developing domain of the analog and digital electronics systems.

Electromechanical and Pneumatics Lab

The lab provides state of the art facilities for teaching in the diverging areas of electro-pneumatic systems, electric machines (theory and design), electric circuits & digital and analog electronic circuits and systems.
This lab is mostly exploited by the students of the second year. We have here trainers for electro-pneumatics and other power machines such generators, AC/DC motors, and Circuit Theory aids.

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Manufacturing Lab

The students are trained here to make indigenous printed circuit boards for their projects. The PCB Manufacturing Lab has all the necessary equipments to develop any kind of PCB.

Fabrication Shop – I

The Institute has two Fabrication Workshops. Fabrication Shop-I is well equipped to handle all the jobs like milling and lathe operations.

Fabrication Shop - II

The Institute has two Fabrication Workshops. Fabrication Shop-I is well equipped to handle all the jobs like transformer winding, power coating and different kinds of welding.


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