Institute of Industrial Electronics Engineering
Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

Faculty Directory


Engr. Ashab Mirza
Principal | BPS-20
PhD Level Course & Research Work, PNEC, National University of S&T (NUST), Karachi.
MS (Aerospace Engineering), ENSAE, France.
B.E (Electronics), DCET, NEDUET, Karachi.
Engr. Dr. Farah Haroon
In-charge Academics | BPS-19
Ph.D (Telecom), Asian Institute of Tech., Thailand.
M.Engg. (Electrical) NEDUET, Karachi.
B.E. (Industrial Electronics), IIEE / NEDUET, Karachi.
Engr. Anjum Darakhshan
In-charge QEC | BPS-19
M.Engg. (Industrial Control & Automation), H.U, Karachi.
B.E. (Electronics), DCET / NEDUET, Karachi.
Engr. M. Asghar Daudani
Assistant Professors | BPS-18
PhD Scholar (Electronics), Dawood UET, Karachi.
M.Engg. (Industrial Electronics), NEDUET, Karachi.
B.E. (Electrical), MUET, Jamshoro.
Engr. Sajid Hussain
Assistant Professors | BPS-18
Ph.D Scholar (Electronics), NEDUET, Karachi M.Engg.
(Industrial Control & Automation),H.U,Karachi.
B.E. (Industrial Electronics), IIEE / NEDUET, Karachi.
Engr. Agha Muhammad Shakir
Assistant Professor | BPS-18
Ph.D Scholar (Electronics), NEDUET, Karachi
M.Engg. (Industrial Electronics) NEDUET, Karachi.
B.E. (Electrical), NEDUET, Karachi.
Engr. Asif Ahmed Memon
Lecturers | BPS-17
Ph.D Scholar (Electronics), NEDUET, Karachi
M.Engg. (Industrial Electronics), NED UET, Karachi.
B.E. (Electrical), Balochistan Engineering College, Khuzdar (University of Balochistan).
Engr. Mrs. Qurut-ul-Ain
Lecturers | BPS-17
M.S. (Electrical Communication), PNEC, NUST, Karachi
B.E. (Industrial Electronics), IIEE / NEDUET, Karachi.


Engr. Ejaz Hussain Khan
Principal Instructor | BPS-19
B.E. (Mech.), NEDUET, Karachi
Mr. Niaz Ahmed Qazi
Chief Instructor | BPS-18
P.G.D (Electronics) PSTC (PCSIR) Karachi. B-Tech.(Hons.),NEDUET Karachi.
Mr. Liaquat Ali
Senior Instructor | BPS-17
B.Sc, MAS, University of Karachi.
Mr. Ameer Hamza
Senior Instructor | BPS-17
B. Tech (Pass), Mechanical NED-UET Karachi
Mr. Ghulam Mustafa Rind
Lab Demonstrators / Instructors | BPS-16
B.E. (Electronics), DCET / NED-UET, Karachi.
M.S. (Electronics), DUET, Karachi. (in progress)