Institute of Industrial Electronics Engineering
Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research


Institute of Industrial Electronics Engineering (PCSIR), Karachi is affiliated with NED – UET Karachi, hence all rules and regulations are strictly implemented with full spirit as and when communicated to IIEE.  With reference to NED – UET Karachi letter No. Acad/27(155)/9570 Dated 18.07.2018, following are the key points of regulations, which are reproduced with item numbers as under;

    These regulations shall be applicable with immediate effect except otherwise mentioned.
    • 4.1 Each academic year / year of study shall begin from day of commencement of Fall Semester and shall terminate on last day of declaration of results of the Spring Semester Examinations.
    • 4.2 a). Year of study For Four-year Degree Programme shall be First Year, Second year, Third year and Final year.
    • 4.4 Each Fall Semester and Spring Semester shall comprise of minimum 15 weeks of instructions / study in the courses (as notified) followed by Semester Final Examination.
    • 4.5 a). Summer Session, after Spring Semester, comprising of minimum five (5) weeks of condensed instructions / study may be arranged in some courses to the extent possible followed by final examination of the Summer Session.
    • 4.5 b). The Dean (ECE) concerned shall approve any course(s) to be offered in the Summer Session after considering resources, teachers available and number of students interested to register in these course(s).
    • 4.6 The medium of instructions and examinations shall in all cases be English.
    • 5.1       The courses of studies leading to the Bachelor’s degree are devoted to courses appropriate to the respective degree in Engineering.
    • 5.2       For each discipline, the concerned Board of Studies shall propose Scheme of Studies leading to Bachelor Degree in that discipline.
    • 5.3 Each Scheme of Studies shall comprise the following:-
      • a). Courses of Studies offered in any particular Fall Semester/Spring Semester shall in each case be listed together with their respective codes, titles, credit hours and marks distribution.
      • b). Course outlines for each such course in which instructions/study of theory is required.
    • 5.4 The scheme of studies shall be submitted to the concerned Board of Faculty for consideration and making necessary recommendations to the Academic Council.
    • 5.5       The academic council may approve the Scheme with or without minor changes / amendments. Otherwise the concerned Board of studies may be advised to make changes accordingly and then resubmit the scheme.
    • 5.6       The scheme of studies may also be reviewed from time to time. Changes / amendments being made in the prospectus or notified otherwise by the University.
    • 6.1 Courses of studies leading to the degree of Bachelor of Engineering shall be of four (04) academic year’s duration.
    • 6.3 Any student who fails to complete all requirements for his/her degree in the prescribed time may continue study for further three academic years. Consequently, including the academic year of his/her first admission;
      • a). Maximum Seven academic years shall be allowed for B.E (I.E) Degree Programme.
    • 7.1 There shall be one ‘Final Examination’ at the end of each Semester/Session according to schedule to be notified by the Examination Department.
    • 7.2 The final examination Fall Semester / Spring Semester shall each include courses offered during that Semester.
    • 7.3 The final examination of Summer Session shall include courses offered during that Semester.
    • 7.4       Each candidate of First Year Fall Semester Examination shall have to submit an examination form within the due date which shall be notified by the Examination Department.
    • 7.5 Any candidate who has been student during the Semester
      • a) Will be allowed to appear only in such course(s) in which his/her attendance is at least 75% during the Semester.
      • b) Will be allowed to appear in all courses of the Semester provided his/her aggregate attendance in all courses is at least 75% of the total of all classes held in the courses during the Semester.
      • c) and his/her aggregate of attendance is 65% or more but less than 75% then aggregate attendance may be condoned allowing him/her to appear in all courses of the Semester on case-to-case basis provided that the candidate requests condonation and produces documentary evidence justifying his/her shortage of attendance, on such grounds as for example having officially represented the University in games and/or hospitalization for sufficiently long period in any recognized hospital.
      • d) and his/her aggregate of attendance is less than 65% then condonation in any course(s) may be considered provided the candidate requests and produces documentary evidence justifying his/her shortage of attendance.
    • 7.6 Any candidate who had failed in any course(s) of the preceding Semester(s)/Session shall be allowed to register in such course(s) whenever offered, provided duration of studies does not exceed the maximum time limit prescribed under Para 6.3.
    • 7.7 a) Admit Card for the examination shall be issued to any candidate who is eligible/allowed to appear in the course(s) as mentioned on his/her Card. All admit cards shall be issued by the Controller of Examination except those for which the Controller of Examination authorizes concerned chairpersons.
    • 7.7 b) The Admit card must be in possession of the candidate while appearing in the examination for any course for which he/she has been allowed.
    • 7.8 Distribution of marks from total marks assigned to any course shall be as under:
      Each Theory paper, practical, design course and Final Year Project shall have 60% marks for final examination and 40% marks for sessional evaluation.

      • Note: The sessional evaluation marks shall be displayed on the Notice Board of the Department concerned for at least one week for information of concerned students, and corrections, if necessary, before submission to the Examination Department.
    • 7.9 a) Examination in each course of theory, practical, design (studio work) and final year project shall be numerical (marks) in nature, but final result of the course shall be declared in Letter Grade together with Grade point, as prescribed in Para 7.10.
    • 7.9 b) For awards of grades, theory and practical examination of each subject shall be considered as one head.
    • 7.10 Grade / Grade Point equated with percentage of marks and other grades shall be as follows;


      Grade Point

      % Marks


      A +


      94 – 100

      Extra Ordinary



      85 – 93


      A –


      80 – 84

      Very Good

      B +


      75 – 79

      Very Good



      70 – 74


      B –


      67 – 69

      Above Average

      C +


      64 – 66




      60 – 63


      C –


      57 – 59


      D +


      54 – 56




      50 – 53




      Below 50



      50 – 100

      Pass in non-credit course


      In Progress








      Withdrawal Unofficially


      • Grade ‘IP’ is awarded for Final Year Project or any specified Design Course in Spring Semester which shall be evaluated in Fall Semester.
      • Grade ‘W’ is awarded on official withdrawal from the Semester or Programme.
      • Grade ‘WU’ or ‘I’ is awarded on failing to appear in the examination Award of grade ‘I’ is subject to the conditions as approved by the University from time to time.
      • Grade ‘F’ shall be assigned on failing a course, and shall be counted towards GPA/CGPA of the student.
    • 7.11 Grade Point Average (GPA) for any Semester and Commulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) for more than one semester shall be calculated as under:
      GPA/CGPA=  Sum of (Credit hours of each course multiplied by grade point in that course) / (Total Credit hours of the course together)
    • 8.1 Admission in any Semester shall be allowed only during first three weeks after commencement of classes of that Semester.
    • 8.2 Admission in Spring Semester of any Year shall be open to any student who was registered in the Fall Semester of that year. Similarly, admission in Fall Semester of any Year shall be open to any student who was registered in Spring Semester of the Preceding year.
      • i) A student admitted in any Semester shall be registered in all such courses prescribed in that Semester which the student has not passed earlier.
      • ii) Registration in any course (s) offered other than the prescribed courses of that Semester/Session may also be allowed by the Chairman of the Department concerned in the following cases subject to payment of prescribed fees:
      • iii) The student requests being allowed to either register in any course(s) in which he/she had failed earlier or any course (s) as permissible under Para 11.1 for grade improvement. Sessional marks shall be revised for which the student shall be required to appear in tests and submit assignments for sessional marks.
      • iv) The student having short of attendance during previous semester (s).
      • v) The student shall have to attend at least 75% classes in courses where he/she has not met this requirement earlier.
      • c) In any case the number of registered courses in any Semester including all prescribed course(s) of a Semester, should not exceed the maximum prescribe limit.
      • d) In any Semester, the student shall be allowed to register in maximum of Seven theory courses in total.
      • e) Students on Withdrawal shall not be eligible for registration.
    • 8.4 a) Any student who fails to obtain at least 2.0 CGPA in first year Fall Semester shall remain on probation during first year Spring Semester.  In any case if such student still has less than 2.0 CGPA at the time of registration in Second year Fall Semester, he/she shall proceed to second (and last) probation during that Semester. Such student shall be allowed to register in for the regular courses as well as backlog courses within the maximum limit defined in clause 8.3 (d).
    • 8.4 b) Admission of any such student shall be cancelled, who after being on second probation during second year Fall Semester fails to obtain 1.0 CGPA on completion of that Semester.
    • 8.4 c) Along with CGPA, the student shall also be required to fulfill the following conditions:
      • i. For admission in Third year, the student must have passed all courses of the First year, or 80% of the courses up to the Second year.
      • ii. For admission in Fourth year, the student must have passed all courses up to Second year;
        All courses of First year and 90% of the courses up to Third year with at least 1.7 CGPA.
      • Note: Clause 8.4 (c) (i) shall not apply to COD/Migration students. However for admission in Third Year, such students obtained at least 2.0 CGPA in all courses attempted up to Second Year.
    • 8.4 d) Any such student who after being in second probation have obtained more than 1.0 CGPA but less than 2.0 CGPA shall not be allowed to register in subsequent Semester. He / She will be required to improve his/her CGPA up to 2.0 before being allowed to register in subsequent semester with junior batch.
    • 8.5       In all circumstances, re-admission to any student shall only be granted in the semester where the student has discontinued his/her study due to any reason.
    • 8.6 (i) Any student registered in any additional course (s) may request the chairperson for change or withdrawal from such course (s). However, such change/withdrawal shall be allowed only during first three weeks of the semester. In such case, the fee for the withdrawn courses will be refunded.
    • 8.6 (ii) Any student may be allowed to withdraw from a course up to the 8th week of the semester. However, in such case, the fee of the course shall not be refunded and the transcript shall record the enrolment with a grade ‘W’.
    • 8.6 (iii) No request for withdrawal shall be accepted after 8th week of the semester, and in case of non-appearance in examination, the student shall be awarded ‘WU’ against the subject.
      • a) All such students who are availing mobility programmes shall be given exemption in the courses which they have studied in the institutions abroad provided that:
        • i). Such mobility was availed with the approval of the University.
        • ii). Courses studied abroad are having more than 75% equivalency with the courses for which exemption is requested.
        • iii). Exemption will be allowed for courses with ‘B’ grade and above.
        • iv). Request for exemption should be submitted to concerned department within two week after returning from the mobility.
      • b). Mobility shall be allowed in second year and onwards only.
      • c). Clause 8.4 (c) (i) shall not apply to such students. However, for admission in Third year or Fourth Year, such student must have obtained at least 2.0 CGPA in all courses attempted up to second Year or Third Year, respectively.
    • 9.1  Admission of any such student of First Year of Studies in any Discipline shall be cancelled who is not a candidate for the Fall Semester Examination.
    • 9.2  Admission of any such student of any Year / Semester who has been rusticated from the University on account of serious breach of discipline for any specified period shall be cancelled and notified. However, after expiry of the period the student may be allowed readmission in the same year/Semester with junior batch, if otherwise eligible.
    • 9.3  Admission and enrolment of any such student of any Year / Semester who has been expelled from the University on account of major breach of discipline shall be cancelled after due process and subsequently notified. The student shall not be eligible for any subsequent admission in the University.
    • 9.4  Admission of any such student shall be cancelled who falls under clause 8.4 (b).
    • 9.5  Admission of any such student shall be cancelled, who without information fails to register in any Semester even after passing of the permissible registration duration.
    • 10.1  Withdrawal from any Semester or Programme may be allowed only in extra-ordinary circumstances.
    • 10.2  The student shall be required to apply for withdrawal through concerned Chairman along with evidence supporting his/her request for withdrawal.
    • 10.3  Any such student(s) seeking readmission after withdrawal shall only be considered for readmission provided that:
      • a). The applicant has officially withdrawn earlier from the Semester or Programme.
      • b). The period of discontinuation of his/her studies does not exceed three academic years.
      • c). He / She produces an affidavit on Stamp Paper of prescribed amount declaring that during the
        period of his/her discontinuation of studies. He / She was neither on the rolls of any other Educational Institution nor was convicted by any Court of Law.
      • d). The student shall be able to complete his/her degree within time limit prescribed under Para 6.3.
    • 10.4  In any case withdrawal shall only be allowed after successful completion of First Semester of studies i.e First Year Fall Semester.
    • 11.1 a). Any student may be allowed by the Chairman of the Department concerned to repeat course (s)
      offered in that semester in which he/she has obtained grade point lesser than 2.0.
    • 11.1 b). The student shall be allowed to repeat courses as per the maximum limit defines in clause
      8.3 (d).
    • 11.1 c). The students may however repeat the course(s) as and when offered.
    • 11.1 d). Better grades in curse(s) shall be considered for determining his/her GPA/CGPA.
    • 11.2  Any student who is eligible for award of degree under Para 12 but still desires to improve CGPA for any reason may be allowed by the chairman of the Department concerned, subject to the following conditions:
        • No provisional certificate/degree has been issued to him/her.
        • Duration of completion for the degree does not exceed the maximum limit described under Para 6.3.
        • The student requests registration in desired courses within two weeks after announcement of his/her result.
    • 12.1 Any student who was admitted in first year and has passed all courses as prescribed for his/her Discipline with CGPA of at least 2.0 shall be eligible for award of Degree in that Discipline.
    • 13.1 The Academic Council NED-UET shall approve the syllabus / outlines of each course of theory and subsequent changes / amendments.
    • 13.2 The Academic Council NED-UET shall also approve Rules as and when required / proposed for implementation of any Regulation.
    • 13.3 These Regulations or part thereof may be revised / corrected by the Competent Authority as and when necessary and shall be notified accordingly.