Institute of Industrial Electronics Engineering
Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research



In today’s world of intense economic competition, a developing country like Pakistan can survive only through sustainable economic development and technological self-reliance. Rapid advancements in the field of electronics and its influence in our day-to-day life in general and all aspects of industrial sector in particular has placed challenging demand on engineering education as a whole and electrical/electronic engineering in particular.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering courses are almost invariably offered by all the engineering universities of the country, but the need was felt for introducing a practically oriented course in this field. Thus the need of establishing the Institute of Industrial Electronic Engineering was felt by the Government of Pakistan and the task was assigned to the Ministry of Science & Technology (MoST) and Pakistan Council for Scientific & Industrial Research (PCSIR).

In 1985 a study mission of Swiss experts were invited to Pakistan and it was identified that Pakistan needs practical oriented engineers particularly in the field of industrial electronic engineering. The Swiss Government offered to establish an Industrial Electronic Institute and an agreement of cooperation was signed in this regard. A Swiss Foundation, namely Swiss Contact then came forward and IIEE was hence established.

The present location was selected for the institute building, while the cost of building, the infrastructure, provision of utilities etc. were borne by the Ministry of Science and Technology through PCSIR. All the equipment for establishing laboratories and three experts were provided by the Swiss Government and Swiss Contact. PCSIR recruited the faculty staff to support the academic / administrative activities.

The curriculum and training program was jointly worked out by the Project Director, Syed Sadiq Ali Rizvi and Swiss experts, it was presented on January 12, 1989 to the Academic Council and Affiliation Committee of N.E.D. University, Karachi for grant of affiliation of the Institute with NED University of Engineering and Technology and award of B.E. Degree course in Industrial Electronic Engineering. After due inspection and minor adjustment in courses, the university granted the affiliation to IIEE to conduct BE Degree courses in Industrial Electronic Engineering.

The institute started its classes in June 1989 and since then it has been inducting a batch of 40 students every year, this number has now increased to 50.