Institute of Industrial Electronics Engineering
Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

Vision / Mission


Institute of Industrial Electronics Engineering aims to practice Outcome Based Education (OBE) system both in its academic and assessments. The teaching and learning methodology is based on IIEE Vision, Mission and Program Educational Objectives. A viable Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) process ensures the attainment of outcomes both at Program and Course level.

1.     Vision Statement

  1. NED University Vision

Be a leader in enabling Pakistan’s social and economic transformation.

  1. IIEE Vision

To produce professionals contributing towards sustainable industrial development for progressive and prosperous society.

2.     Mission Statement

  1. NED University Mission

Acquire education and research excellence in engineering and allied disciplines to produce leadership and enabling application of knowledge and skills for the benefit of the society with integrity and wisdom.

  1. IIEE Programme Mission

Prepare industrial electronic engineers to meet emerging industrial and societal needs through collaboration of industry, research and academia with professional ethics.