Institute of Industrial Electronics Engineering
Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

Fee Structure

Following is the fee structure, which is normally to be paid per Semester, (unless stated otherwise).

Type of Fees Amount in Rs.
Tuition fee 35,000.00 Per Semester.
Admission fee(Non Refundable) 10,000.00 At the Time of Admission
Student Activities Fund 2,000.00 Per Semester.
Sports Fund 500.00 Per Semester.
Local Study Tour Charges 500.00 Per Semester.
Internet Charges 2,000.00 Per Semester.
Student welfare Fund 2,000.00 At the Time of Admission
Security Deposit (Refundable) 2,000.00 At the Time of Admission
I.D. Card Charges 500.00 At the Time of Admission
Verification of documents 3,000.00 At the Time of Admission
Enrolment Charges 3,000.00 At the Time of Admission
Lab Coat Charges 1,000.00 At the Time of Admission
Amount to be paid at the time of Admission: 60,500.00
  • None of the fee is refundable under any circumstances except the Security deposit according to Sub-Para(II).
  • The security deposit is against breakage and any other damage to the Institute property, instruments and tools caused by the student and is deducted from security deposit at the beginning of each semester. The
  • balance shall be only refunded to the students if claimed within one year after the graduation and old deposit in this head is now considered as forfeited.