Institute of Industrial Electronics Engineering
Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

Admission 2020

IIEE Admission Policy for Admission in
B.E. Industrial Electronics in Batch 2020

1.1   ELIGIBILITY FOR ADMISSION                                           

  1. Applicant should be Pakistani
  2. Applicant must have passed either 1st Year HSC Pre-Engineering (with at least 60% Marks) or 2nd Year HSC Pre-Engineering Examinations in 2019, 2018, 2017 (with at least 60% Marks) from any authorized Board of Education in Pakistan or an equivalent recognized Foreign Examination OR have appeared in any such examination and waiting for final result. “A-Level candidates having their final exams to be held in November, 2020 can also be considered for admission.
  1. An applicant must have passed Pre-admission Entry



a)      Category-I:

It is the responsibility of an applicant to appear in IIEE Pre-admission entry test and pass with at least 50% marks which is to be conducted on 13th September 2020 at NED-UET, Karachi (main campus). Timing would be updated on IIEE website


b)   Category-II:

It is the responsibility of an applicant to PASS, and submit scores of ANY ONE of the following Tests:

  • Pre-Admission Entry Test of the NED University of Engineering & Technology with at least 50% marks. Or;
  • NAT-IE test administered by NTS-Pakistan with at least 50% marks. or,
  • SAT-I with minimum 800 score and SAT –II with at least 1500 score.



Applicant who has passed A-Level or any two-years Pre-University Examination at 11th and 12th Grades or 12th and 13th / OAC Grades (or similar examination) with subjects Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics must submit an Equivalent Certificate issued by the Inter-Board Committee of Chairman (IBCC) before the admission for the merit decision.


  1. a) The overall merit in respect of candidates for admission shall be determined according to the following criteria:
  • 50 % weightage to Entry Test
  • 50% weightage to HSC-I
  1. Candidates having appeared in any foreign examination including A-Level and 12th Grade shall have their O-level / 10th Grade equivalent marks (As mentioned in respective IBCC Equivalency Certificate) to be considered with 50% weightage in place of       HSC-I.

iii. Candidates having passed their HSC/A-level during earlier years will have 50% weightage to their complete result of HSC /A-Level

  1. Entry Test Marks indicate marks obtained in University Pre Admission Entry Test or equivalent marks as obtained in any other tests as recognized by NED University
  2. b)      The admission offered based upon above merit shall remain provisional till the submission and subsequent verification (from relevant authorities) of final HSC or equivalent Mark Sheet or IBCC Equivalency Certificate (for foreign exams only) with minimum 60 % marks obtained. In any case the final Mark Sheet must be submitted before 31st December, 2020 as otherwise the admission will be liable to be cancelled.
  3. c)       Marks Deduction for additional attempt

The merit positions of applicants who have passed their HSC examination prior to the admission year including applicants who have taken the improvement in the same calendar year shall be determined after deduction of 10 marks per year from the total obtained in their respective HSC examinations.

  1. d)      Additional Marks for Hafiz-e-Quran

 Any eligible applicant who is Hafiz-e-Quran shall have 20 marks added to the marks          obtained by the applicant in HSC Examination.

  1. The applicant shall have to provide the original “Hifz-e-Quran Sanad” from Wafaq-ul-Madaris.
  2. The applicant shall has to pass the “Hifz-e-Quran Test”, at IIEE.


In case of tie for merit position in the selection for admission, the candidate’s aggregate percentage of marks in the subjects of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry at the Higher Secondary Certificate Examination shall be made the criterion for determining the order of preference. In case of further tie, percentage of marks in Mathematics at the above examination shall be made the criterion


  1. The applications not fulfilling the conditions under para 1.1 will be rejected.
  2. The candidates found guilty of suppression or misrepresentation of material facts at any stage shall be rejected for admission.
  • The Principal of the Institute shall be competent to reject any application for admission and to cancel or withdraw admission of any student without assigning any reason.


IIEE has total 50 number of seats available for admissions, which are distributed in four (4) main categories (given in Table-1) as prescribed by the Federal Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of Pakistan. The main categories are;

  • Category 0; All Pakistan Open Merit
  • Category 0: Provincial Quota
  • Category 0: PCSIR employee’s Son(s)/Daughter(s) Quota;
  • Category 0: Self-Finance Scheme


  1. The vacant seats in any Category (other than Category 1.0) due to non- availability of eligible candidates, shall be shifted to the Category 1.0.
  2. Candidate applying for admission on self-finance program must enclose Bank Draft of Rs.600,000/- (Rupees six hundred thousand) in the name of IIEE Karachi, on submission of Admission Form.





All Pakistan Merit

(Top five candidates in overall / combined merit list.)



Sindh (Urban) Domiciled



Sindh (Rural) Domiciled



Punjab Domiciled



Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Domiciled



Balochistan Domiciled



A. J. & K. Domiciled



FATA/FANA (including Gilgit-Baltistan) Domiciled



Reserved Seats for PCSIR employee’s Son(s)/Daughter(s)



Reserved Seats for Self-Finance Scheme



Total No. of Seats




Four (04) seats are available for admission on PCSIR employee’s Sons/ Daughters on merit basis in B.E. degree program in Industrial Electronics. The candidate for admission of PCSIR employee’s Sons/ Daughters subject to fulfilling all eligibility conditions given in 1.1. And;

  1. Additional processing fee of Rs.500/ – must be submitted with an application fee.
  2. Student should submit one form by marking the both options Regular and PCSIR employee’s Sons/Daughters scheme.
  • The candidate admitted to 1st year engineering under PCSIR employee’s Sons/ Daughters program shall be required to qualify medical fitness examination and payment of normal tuition fee as prescribed by the Institute.
  1. All other terms & conditions will be the same.


Five (05) seats are available for admission on self-finance basis in B.E. degree program in Industrial Electronics. The candidate for admission of self-finance subject to fulfilling all eligibility conditions given in 1.1. And;

  1. Additional processing fee of Rs.500/ – must be submitted with an application fee.
  2. Candidate applying for admission on self-finance program must enclose Pay Order/ Demand Draft of Rs.600,000/ – (Rupees six hundred thousand) in the name of IIEE Karachi on submission of admission form. The selection of the candidate under self-finance program shall be after passing the Entrance Test on merit only, to be determined on the basis of the marks obtained by the candidate in the entrance examination.
  • Student should submit one form by marking for both options; Regular and Self-Finance schemes.
  1. The Pay Order/ Demand Draft of a candidate once admitted under self-finance program, shall not be refunded/ returned on any account. However, the candidate who is not selected for admission, or candidate later selected in merit category, the amount deposited by them will be refunded after the admission for that session is declared closed by the Institute. The Pay Order of the candidate withdrawing their application before admission shall be returned on receipt of such applications duly supported by their father/ parent in person and their name shall stand deleted from the merit list.
  2. The candidate admitted to 1st year engineering under self-finance program shall be required to qualify medical fitness examination a n d payment of normal tuition fee as prescribe d by the Institute.
  3. All other terms & conditions will be the same


  1. Merit list of successful candidates and those on the waiting list shall be displayed on the Notice Board of the Institute. Merit List will also be displayed on IIEE Website.
  2. Application form should be signed by both an applicant and guardian and witnessed by 17 grade gazetted officer.
  • A short list of names under each quota category shall be prepared in strict order of merit.
  1. Subject to availability of any vacant seats the candidates on waiting list referred in sub-para (i) above will be offered admission, after expiry of the deadline given to the selected candidate for admission.
  2. Principal has a final authority to cancel any admission.


  1. The selected candidates shall complete and submit in original the following forms,   within due
  2. Medical Fitness Form
  3. Application form for Enrolment with N.E.D University.
  • All candidates shall also be required to submit an affidavit of Rs 100/- on Judicial Stamp paper (Annex-A) for the compliance and fulfilment of the requirement (In any case, the candidate shall be required to submit his/her original Mark Sheet / IBCC Equivalency Certificate with at least 60% after announcement of their respective results). Any non-compliance shall result in cancellation of provisional admissions
  1. b) If a candidate fails to get admission as required under sub-para (a) & (b) above and does   not confirm his/her consent by submitting the required fees within the specified due date, his/her seat will be declared vacant and will be filled up from the candidates on the waiting
  2. C) Any candidate of the merit list who did not follow approved IIEE Admission Procedure is   liable of denial of Admission in


Candidate must be in sound physical and mental health free from any congenital malformation or defect with normal speech and hearing. The eyesight, aided or un- aided, should not be less than 6/9 in one eye and 6/12 in other eye. The chest expansion should be less than 4 cms and X-Ray of the chest satisfactory. The limbs, including the feet and toes, should be well formed and developed with perfect and un- restricted movement of all joints. The candidate should not suffer from any remarkable skin disease or venereal disease. Final decision of the applicant fitness shall be made by Medical Officer of IIEE.


IIEE Admission Committee cannot entertain rechecking of Entry Test Papers. The candidates can contact their respective Testing Authorities and shall have to follow their policy and procedures, in this regards


The Programme leading to B.E. (Industrial Electronics) Degree is a regular full time day Programme and thus no student admitted in this Institute shall be allowed to engage himself/ herself in employment or maintain a simultaneous enrolment in other course of studies in other educational institution. Violation of above may lead to cancellation of admission.


     i       Candidates for admission must fill their application forms either in their own handwriting (must be legible) or using a word processor.

    ii       Please attach one attested copy of each of the following documents:

  • SSC Certificate & Marks Sheet or “O” level Certificate
  • HSC-I or HSC (Passed in 2019, 2018, 2017) Marks Sheet
  • Applicant’s CNIC / B Form (if below 18 years in age)
  • Parent’s/Guardian’s CNIC
  • Applicant’s Domicile Certificate (verified from concerned district)
  • Applicant’s Permanent Residence Certificate (PRC) ( only for applicants from Sindh Province)
  • Equivalence Certificate from IBCC for “O” level / “A” level applicants
  • Applicants applying additionally on PCSIR Employee’s Son/Daughter Quota attach PCSIR Employment Certificate of his/her parent (Mother or Father) duly issued by Director General/Director of PCSIR’s concerned unit

iii         The selected candidates must produce H.S.C. Marks Sheet or A-Level certificates in original at the time of admission.

iv         Application form and the documents attached shall not be returned.

v          Incomplete application forms shall not be considered.

vi         The application shall be rejected similarly in case the candidate is found guilty of suppression or misrepresentation of material facts.

vii        The completed application form comprising the material specified in para (ii) must reach the Institute either by hand or by Registered Post, not later than 2:00 p.m. on the last date of submission of application form notified in the press advertisement. Any application received after this date and time or found deficient in any respect will be rejected. Any certificate or matter in addition to the specified requirement shall be treated as irrelevant and discarded.

NOTE: Original documents should not be attached.

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